About ERT Care

Creation of ERT Care: sustainable online learning

Ton Plönes (owner of ERT Care), has been in the business for 25 years. He has built up all his knowledge and skills in the field of occupational safety over the past few years and brought them together in the online course of ERT Care. According to him, it’s all about safety and how best to guarantee it. Ton has discovered that training students can be a lot more efficient and effective. In the Netherlands, approximately 500,000 people have been trained as ERT officers. All these people are, for example, responsible for spraying approximately 1 million kilos of CO2 every year during fire drills, which has an enormous impact on the environment. Why are we still doing this?



Ton Plones

“High time for the new way of learning!”

Ton PlonesOwner ERT Care

It is also a fact that people learn best through repetition, in order to maintain their knowledge well. A truly safe working environment is created by having in-house emergency response workers present who are well prepared for accidents, fire and evacuation. After all, you should only receive your certificate if you really know how to act in the event of an accident. After the online course of ERT Care you are assured of enough knowledge, and that for an affordable price. That’s the way it should be!

Our Core Values

  • Sustainability

    Completely online and no use of polluting extinguishers

  • Security Guarantee

    Periodic repetition and individual testing

  • Affordable

    If an ERT member leaves your organisation, you can train a new ERT member in his/her place free of charge.

  • Qualitative Test

    Interactive videos, personal dashboard with progress and compliance with European Guidelines  89-391/EEC