Why ERT Care?


The online course of ERT Care is the most sustainable ERT course! The course is completely online which means there is no need to use environmental polluting extinguishers as in the regular practical course. This saves about 20 kg per course of C02 emissions and 3 kg of Propane. Also you (or the instructor) don’t have to drive to the training location anymore. In short, you are sustainable and socially responsible by using the online course of ERT Care

The training is 100% CO2 and nitrogen neutral.

Safety Guarantee

ERT Care gives you unlimited access to the module, a review of digital instructions and videos and the tests. This training complies with European Guidelines 89-391/EEC and the US health and safety regulation 1981. ERT Care tests people individually, which guarantees safety better than the regular classroom tests. Through individual testing each person will have enough knowledge after passing the test and will receive a recognised certificate.


The price for a full ERT training module (one year) is only € 38,- (excl. VAT) including a digital certificate, access to a learning environment, unlimited access to the module, a review of digital instructions and videos and the tests. Also learning in your own time keeps the costs low. If an ERT member leaves your organisation, you can train a new ERT member in his/her place free of charge.

Qualitative Test

Each course is fully online, contains videos and is interactive so there is no longer a practical part. Learn in your own time, on your own devices, wherever and whenever you want. You can start and stop the course at any time. As a student you have a personal dashboard where you can monitor your progress. As a contact person you can monitor the progress of your students and take actions if necessary. You can start the course within 24 hours after you have registered. 

Get your ERT or CPR with an AED certificate. Learn life-saving actions (LSA) and everything about fire safety through the sustainable online course of ERT Care.

A very inexpensive, sustainable ERT course that can be followed entirely online!