ERT in one day

Emergency Response Training in one day? At ERT Care you can complete the full ERT program online within 3.5 hours!

The ERT Care course can be followed entirely online. It contains videos and is interactive which means you work much more sustainably than with a regular practical training.

The previous students took an average of 210 minutes to complete the entire ERT course. The great thing about the online ERT course of ERT Care is that you can pick it up at any time of the day, learn in your own time, on your own device, whenever and wherever you want. If you stop  the course you can continue where you left off the next time.  So it is up to you whether you complete the course in one go or in stages. You can begin the course within 24 hours after registering. Doing the course this way is very flexible and less time-consuming.

Receive a notification

If you do not complete the course, ERT Care will make sure that you receive a notification. This notification is given by means of a push message. This message can be sent per mail or received on your mobile. This message contains a reminder about the course so you do not forget!

Check the Dashboard!

If you have purchased courses for more than one person, the contact person will get a dashboard where he/she can check the progress of the students. You can see exactly what percentage of the ERT course the students have completed at that moment. From our experience this provides insight and motivation to work more actively with the course.



* Training is given worldwide with the exception of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium until 20-06-2020. From 20-06-2020 also courses in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.